Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT)

SWIFT is a global communication network that facilitates 24-hour secure international exchange of payment instructions between banks, central banks, multinational corporations, and major securities firms. A member owned cooperative organized in 1977 under Belgium law, it now includes over 6,500 participating members from more than 180 countries which together process in excess of a billion messages every year (about 300 million messages every day).

The SWIFT network is recognized as the standard for sending financial messages internationally, but due to registration requirements it can be impractical for many companies to participate. Not to mention the fact that navigating the SWIFT network can be confusing and difficult for the inexperienced.

Utilize our connections to, and knowledge of, the top financial institutions to insure your SWIFT transmissions are accurate and expedited quickly.

Our clients simply pay a low
per-transmission fee based on the language of the message and the financial institutions involved.


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